LD-M Semi-Automatic Depalletiser

Working closely with our UK partners, ADPAK Machinery Systems, we are proud to offer the Layer Depal M semi-automatic layer depalletiser, suitable for small and medium production lines.

For Smooth and Consistent Results

Our semi-automatic layer depalletiser is equipped with an inflatable tube head for the depalletisation of a whole layer of bottles placed on pallets, and is suitable for small and medium production lines.

With this semi-automatic model, the operator is required to perform the following:

  • Placement of the full pallets into template
  • Removing of the roll-up film and eventual top cover
  • Removing of the layer cards
  • Manoeuvre the machine with the joystick
  • Remove the empty pallet


Support Structure

Vertical Layer Pickup Trolley Equipped With Manually Adjustable Inflatable Tubes

Ground Pallet Containment Template

Layer Deposit Plan l2500 + Orthogonal Single-Row Evacuation Plan l3000 + Oscillator Deposit

Perimeter Protection in Wire Mesh

Electric Control Panel

Joystick for Manual Control

Full Spares and Service Support From Our Bradford Based Team

Technical Specifications

Layer Depalletiser
Automatic/Manual (Joystick)
up to 3000 bottles/h
Layercard Pick-Up
Pallet Dimension
1000x1200 mm
H Max Full Loaded Pallet
2400 mm
Product Outlet Height
1050 +/- 50 mm
Pallet Conveyor Height
Ground Pallet
No. of Included Programs
Supply Voltage
3 x 400V 50Hz +N+T
Electric Power
7,5 kW
Air Consumption
590 * Nl/min
Compressed Air Pressure
6 bar
Useful Height
3,9 m
On-Line Single-Row Evacuation Plan (as an Alternative to the Orthogonal)
Option for Extra Height Full Loaded Pallet h2500
Framework in Stainless Steel Aisi 304
Support Feet in Stainless Steel Aisi 304
Electrical Panel in Stainless Steel Aisi 304
Paint for Corrosive Environments
Control Panel and Documentation in Other Languages Than the Official Ce

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