CardSeal 2 Wrapping Machine

The CardSeal 2 Wrapping Machine is the new generation of high-speed machinery.


The future of packing machines

The CardSeal 2 is a new generation of machine. It uses state of the art ultrasonic sealing technology to wrap cards at continuously high speeds.

This machine is the successor of the popular CardSeal, which has set the highest standard in the card industry since its introduction in 2000. The CardSeal 2 boasts simplified controls and intelligent drive technology to provide the ultimate in straightforward user experience.

The CardSeal 2 machine packs CR80 format cards and leaflets of the same format, such as prepaid phone cards, internet cards, loyalty cards and sim cards. These products can be wrapped either as a single or linked pack.

The sealing system is four-sided and its unique ultrasonic sealing technology creates an intricate pattern on the seal to provide maximum protection against fraud. You can also fully customise the seals, which adds an innovative marketing layer to your packaging.

CardSeal 2 machines have a modular design which can be integrated with multiple types of overwrapping machines. You’ll also be able to integrate additional accessories on this machine, such as camera monitoring, which would provide you with a full level of quality control.

Technical Specification

CardSeal 2
Format Range
Cards: 85,6 x 53,98 mm (CR80/ISO 7810); Leaflets: 82 +1.0 mm x 54 mm -1.0 mm
Up to 600 cycles / minute
Package Height
Up to 1.0 mm (card + leaflet)
Film Material
BOPP, 35 μm
Film Roll Size
Inner diameter: 76 mm, Outside diameter: 440 mm; Width of film: 2 rolls, each 115 mm
Servo Drive
Welding Process
4-sided ultrasonic security sealing
Industrial PC with Touch screen
Pressure / air supply
6 bar, dry and oilfree air; Consumption approx. 500 l/min; Pressure dew point +3°C
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature: 15-25°C; 40-65% air humidity (not condensating); Operating site dust-free and dry
Approx. 1,600 kg
Dimension (L x W x H)
6,000 mm x 2,500 mm x 2,100 mm
Supply Voltage/Power Consumption
3 x 400 V +/- 5% / 50 Hz / 60 Hz /N /PE / 10 kVA / 3 x 16 A others on request (transformer required)

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