We offer several label head printer options and are committed to helping you find the best fit for your business. The three types of printer we currently offer are Hot Foil Coding, Ink Jet Coding and Thermal Transfer. Please expand this page to see which type would benefit your application the most.

thermal transfer

Thermal Transfer


Thermal transfer technology combines a thermal printhead and a polyester ribbon coated with ink on one side. Heat transfers the ink from the ribbon onto the labels as they pass under the printhead. The printhead is made up of a row of independent tiny resistors mounted on a ceramic support. These resistors are then activated ba

hot foil coding

Hot Foil Coding

Hot Foil Coding gives control, durability and efficiency for reliable, quality prints. Quick-change hot foil ribbon magazines and high printing speeds ensure minimum downtime and maximum production output. Perfect for basic batch and date coding requirements.

The printer offers you the control, durability and efficiency you need for reli

ink jet coding

Ink Jet Coding

Ink Jet Coding allows the user to batch and date products after the labelling process and applies to any location on a product during the motion of passing through a machine. These can be purchased with any labelling system, or as a standalone item to provide accurate, detailed coding to passing products.



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