SonicSeal F secure card wrapping


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  • Date : 3rd – 5th May 2019 at the NEC Birmingham Stand Number C210
  • Vaper Expo UK
  • Date : 1st – 3rd October 2019 at the NEC Birmingham Halls Stand A30

SonicSeal F secure card wrapping


The SonicSeal F from Advanced Dynamics is an ultrasonic security wrapping machine designed for the sealing of wrapped cards at speeds of up to 150 cards per minute in CR80 format. The compact unit provide tamper-evidence such as intricate patterns on the seals which can be used to customise the packs and increase protection against counterfeiting. Stiffened seals give extra protection to the pack products. Closed packs can be wrapped individually or as linked packs. The high level of security and operator friendliness makes the SonicSeal the ideal solution for SIM cards, membership passes, bankcards, software codes and other security conscious applications.


A four-sided ultrasonic seal is provided on all edges which can be neutral or in a customised design. Packs can be produced with easy-open perforation, as single or multipacks using a pre-printed film. The SonicSeal F is available with a wide range of selectable options including personalisation, a camera monitoring system, a labeller, a printer, and an over wrapping machine allowing it to be transformed into a complete system for personalised wrapping and overwrapping of products.


The SonicSeal F can wrap 9,000 cards an hour based on 53.98mm x 85.6mm cards or leaflets 54.1mm x 82mm + 1mm based on a standard pack height of 1.00mm or as an option with a 1.60mm height. The film specification is 4 GP, 35 μm based on a film roll size of 76mm inner diameter and a 280mm outer diameter. Other film and size options are available. The machine requires three phase mains supply and a 6 bar air supply.


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