VFM 102 Greeting Card Wrapping Machine


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  • Date : 3rd – 5th May 2019 at the NEC Birmingham Stand Number C210
  • Vaper Expo UK
  • Date : 1st – 3rd October 2019 at the NEC Birmingham Halls Stand A30

VFM 102 Greeting Card Wrapping Machine


The VFM 102 from Advanced Dynamics is ideal for wrapping greeting cards and produces a wallet without film trim; thereby keeping wrapping costs low. As well as simple cards the VFM 102 will also wrap inserted cards and as an option can place the envelope under the insert instead of the usual position on the back of the pack. An additional module is required where labelling is required.


Designed to allow the wrapped card to be opened to see the inside page decorations, the film is folded over the edges of the open card and then sealed at the top and bottom in an almost continuous motion. The width of the folded over film on the inside of the card can be adjusted to almost touch in the middle.


The VFM 102 can be set around a number of parameters including card open, envelope on page 2 or 3, card open with the envelope on page 4. Standard product dimensions are based on cards between 180mm x 140mm to 300mm x 240mm and a pack height of up to 2mm. In special configuration it can handle packs 227mm x 160mm – 420mm x 310mm. Capable of operating at up to 110 cycles per minute depending on the configuration uses OPP single wound film in 25 to 35 μm gauge.

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