VRM 25 – 30 Overwrapping Machine


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  • Date : 3rd – 5th May 2019 at the NEC Birmingham Stand Number C210
  • Vaper Expo UK
  • Date : 1st – 3rd October 2019 at the NEC Birmingham Halls Stand A30

VRM 25 – 30 Overwrapping Machine


The VRM 25-30 universal overwrapping machine from Advanced Dynamics is ideal for wrapping or overwrapping dividers, index cards, envelopes, greeting cards, telephone cards and numerous other related items. With a size range of up to 360 x 245mm and a height limitation of 40mm it is the ideal overwrapping machine for linking to either the VMC 105, VM60/90 or VFM 102 wrappers for the production of multipacks.


The VRM 25-30 overwrapping machine is available in a number of configurations allowing it the best use of available space when linked to another machine or when used as a standalone wrapper.
Where installed with supporting feeders it delivers a low cost wrapping solution, whilst still providing a high quality wrap. Options include print registered film, the creation of hanger packs and/or easy open packs. Module in design, Advanced Dynamics can where required customise the VRM 25-30 into providing a bespoke wrapping solution.


The standard pack format is based on a minimum 140mm x 105mm to a maximum of 360mm x 245mm. Other size formats are available on request. The VRM 25 works at 25 products per minute and the VRM 30 is based on 30. The wrapping film is polyethylene and it can handle film thickness between 15 to 40 μm. The geared motor is infinitely adjustable and it requires a three phase mains supply and a 6 bar air supply.


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