CP-101 Automatic Capping Machine

The CP-101 automatic capping machine is able to sort, feed, place and close a number of different bottle tops and caps with speed and accuracy.

Sort, feed and close caps with speed and accuracy

Our CP-101 automatic capping machine is able to accommodate a large number of caps and ensures product security and closure consistency, every time. Both the high-accuracy capping head and star wheel assembly are controlled by our servo system.

Most parameters can be adjusted through the touchscreen interface without complicated mechanical adjustment. The cap sorting, feeding, placing, closing and bottle movement can all be easily adjusted to ensure the correct torque value is applied.

This environmentally friendly machine incorporates low energy consumption and requires just 1.5 kW. It also has a specially designed liquid drain outlet for easy cleaning after production.

Cap sorting, feeding, placing and closing

Precise cap feeding chute

Accurate bottle positioning

Quick-release capping module

Full digital touchscreen controls

Memory slots for up to 30 preset parameters

Monitoring mode to automatically log operational faults

Motor overload protection

Low energy consumption

Stainless steel and anodised aluminium construction

Full spares and service support from our Bradford based team.

Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage
220/380 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3-phase
Power Consumption
1.5 kW
Air Pressure
6 bar
3000 mm (L) x 950 mm (W) x 1770 mm(H)
Net Weight
650 kg

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