Our Advanced Partnership Programme

Our collaborative Advanced Partnership Programme offers planned preventative maintenance, priority access to our dedicated engineering team and a single point of contact for direct communication when you need it most.

5 Years Peace Of Mind

By committing to this partnership, we extend your initial warranty to 5 years, and to make life even easier we offer this as a monthly instalment plan to lower upfront costs.

This 5-Year Partnership is the latest development in our continued commitment to be the most proactive and supportive business in the packaging industry.

Covered For Five

5-years of parts and labour cover

1st Class Service

A dedicated single point of contact

Quality Assurance

A service certification for audit compliance

Business Continuity

Pre-booked preventative maintenance


Priority access to our engineers

Life Long Partnership

Support through thick and thin

Why did we launch the programme?

That’s easy, and to invoke our company ethos, …because it matters!

It matters to us that you get the absolute most out of your investment in our equipment and from your commitment to us at Advanced Dynamics. It matters to us that your equipment is regularly maintained to give you the best possible return on investment, full shelves of finished goods or that your orders are delivered, in full, on time, every time.

When our car tells us that it needs a service, that’s exactly what we all do. Why not apply the same commitment to something that makes money as we do to something that, whilst essential to our daily lives, only ever costs us money?

Watch this video of our Executive Chairman Malcolm explaining why we build partnerships that last generations.

How does the programme support you?

Our Advanced Partnership Programme ensures that your machinery receives manufacturer-standard planned preventative maintenance, from our dedicated engineering team and will be managed through a single friendly point of contact for direct communication when you need it most.

By committing to this partnership, we extend your initial packaging machinery warranty to 5 years. You are then safe in the knowledge that your machinery will remain at optimum performance keeping your own customer satisfaction levels where they should be.

A 5-Year Guarantee

After the purchase of your packaging machinery, you are covered by our standard 12-month parts and labour guarantee. Our Advanced Partnership Programme extends this to 5 years. All we ask in return is that you maintain your machinery with regular servicing & we’ve got you covered with an extended 5-year parts and labour guarantee.

Your first preventative maintenance visit is proactively arranged 11 months after installation. Once booked, we will let you know which of our engineers will be visiting you and then we will call you 4 weeks prior to service to check that the date still works for you. We also allow 2 weeks’ notice for any changes, to stay as flexible as possible. Any changes during the 2-week window before the service date may result in additional charges being incurred.

Want to get started?

If you’re interested in joining our Advanced Partnership Programme to secure 5-year coverage on your packaging machinery, please get in touch today.

AD Letters Tom Managing Director - Advanced Dynamics

Exceed your expectations

Give us the opportunity. Allow us to demonstrate what we believe makes us different, to show you why working with a partner is infinitely better than working with a supplier.

Tom & Vanessa from Advanced Dynamics