Automatic labelling machines

We all know that hand applying labels is a massive pain.

We bet the first time that you put a label on your product, you put the label on slowly and carefully… and you looked at the finished product and thought “That’s mine is that!” And we bet you were thrilled to bits. But labelling hacks you off now, doesn’t it?

Because you don’t want to put the label on slowly anymore – you want to get it on and get it on fast. And then, when you stick it on, it doesn’t go on square… so you peel it off… it rips, and you’ve ruined it! So then you have to throw it in the bin, and start again. With a labelling machine, the label goes on accurate, it goes on square, and it goes on fast: every time… the product presentation is perfect.

And then, rather than looking at one perfect item, you can look at 1000 items ready for shelf and go, “Now, that’s my product”.

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What applications do our labelling machines work in?

Our labelling machines work on a wide range of products, from toiletries, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to chemicals, detergents, and oils. If you want to stick a label on it, we probably can help.

We’ve sold labelling machines to the food and drink industry, who use our bottle labelling machines and brewery labelling systems to label bottles a range of speeds and volumes.

Our label applicator machines have been used on products as wide ranging as planks of wood to packets of bread, e-liquid bottles and even on greetings cards.

You can apply a label to the top, bottom, or sides of containers of any shape whether that’s oval, square, rectangular, flat or round.

From our ELF-50 labeller to our PL-501D three-point wraparound labeller, we can find you a labelling machine that matches the specific needs of your business, for different products, sizes, and shapes as you require. If you want to know if we can label it – just come and ask us.

Benefits of using a labelling machine

Our labelling machines give your product shelf appeal by allowing you to attach a professional looking label that is consistently accurate, to make sure that your product looks its best at the point of sale. With our advanced technology you can trust that your products will have the high-quality labelling they need to stand out on the shelf.

You can rely on our machines to consistently position labels accurately. They are also efficient, easy to maintain and durable. Combined with our exceptional customer support, with us you’re in safe hands.

Some of the key benefits of our labelling machines include:

  • High speeds for demanding production lines.
  • Operator-friendly control systems.
  • Product counting.
  • Memory slots for pre-set parameters.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic functions.
  • Labelling delay to alter labels position.
  • Hand wheel mechanisms for fine or coarse adjustments.
  • Stainless steel construction to guard against harsh environments.


We’ll learn about your business and requirements to fully understand your project and its aims.


We’ll draw on our years of packaging expertise to advise you how to achieve the desired outcome.


We’ll supply and install high-quality equipment in your facility and make sure you know how to use it.

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