Accurate and flexible precision capping machines

If you don’t use a precision capping machine, you risk having your caps on sideways, upside down, or even on the wrong product altogether. And who wants to deal with the embarrassment of selling shampoo bottles with ketchup lids?

Plus, who has time for manual capping when you could be doing more important things like enjoying a cold beverage from a bottle (that was previously capped but now isn’t)…

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Go Bespoke With Your Capping Solution

If you have not quite found what you are looking for in our extensive range of capping machines, our experts will work with you to devise your ideal capping solution.

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What can our capping machines cover?

Our wide range of capping machines are the perfect partner for use with our filling systems and are suitable for food, pharmaceuticals, toiletries and more. We have a wide choice of fully-automatic as well as semi-automatic capping machines to suit your requirements.

Our bottle capping machine can be used with a wide variety of bottle types from glass to plastic. They are suitable for caps of different sizes and shapes and are flexible enough to be used in different size facilities.

Our capping machines can be used with caps made from metal and plastic and are suitable for bottles with various threads.

If you want to put a cap on it, just ask us and we can recommend the best machine for your production line.

The benefits of our capping machines

Each of our machines offers a range of benefits. Our inline capping machines can be used at higher speeds while our intermittent capping machines are suitable for lower capping speeds which offer greater flexibility for cap placement. Our rotary capping machines are ideal for medium to high speed production facilities.

All our capping machines are sturdy, reliable and cost effective. We also have options with low energy consumption.

You may also choose one of our combined filling and capping machines to do two jobs in one.

Our capping machines have a host of benefits to make your work easier, including being able to:

  • Easily swap between different capping requirements.
  • Sort, feed, place and close bottle caps.
  • Consistently place caps.
  • Work at high speeds.
  • Accurately and securely apply bottle caps.
  • Adapt to different production schedules.
  • Use with minimal mechanical adjustments.
  • Store capping parameters on memory slots.
  • Operate on a touchscreen.
  • Maintain and clean easily.
  • Automatically log errors.

Find out more about our capping machines on our guide here.


We’ll learn about your business and requirements to fully understand your project and its aims.


We’ll draw on our years of packaging expertise to advise you how to achieve the desired outcome.


We’ll supply and install high-quality equipment in your facility and make sure you know how to use it.

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