Ancillary equipment

You’ll never know you needed it until you have one!

Anyone who has been gifted an air fryer or a coffee machine will understand the phrase “I didn’t know how good it was until I tried it.” Our range of ancillary equipment could be just the thing you needed to complete your production line automation.

Our ancillary machines may not be considered essential, but they can greatly improve efficiency and the overall production quality. We have a range of ancillary equipment available including batch coders, conveying systems and rotary outfeed tables.

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What ancillary equipment can be useful for

Our range of batch coders is very broad and includes thermal transfer printers, continuous inkjet printers and thermal transfer printers. There are many options to choose from, and we can help you find the most efficient and cost effective solution for your needs.

Our specialist range of conveying systems are designed to keep your production line moving efficiently. Our conveying systems are suitable for various applications, and in addition each of these conveyor systems can be built bespoke for individual requirements taking in account production speeds or limited factory space. They are also designed for easy transfer to the machinery or other ancillary equipment in your line.

Our range of rotary outfeed tables are designed for use on packaging lines for many industries, from brewery’s and distillery’s, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and many more. We manufacture rotary outfeed tables, designed for conveyor filling applications and suitable for containers of all shapes, sizes and types. Our rotary outfeed table solutions work efficiently at varying speeds, depending on your production volume, enabling and ensuring a consistent flow of products to maximise production.


We’ll learn about your business and requirements to fully understand your project and its aims.


We’ll draw on our years of packaging expertise to advise you how to achieve the desired outcome.


We’ll supply and install high-quality equipment in your facility and make sure you know how to use it.

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