Precision cartoning machines

If you’re tired of folding cardboard boxes by hand, then a cartoning machine is the perfect tool for you!

A cartoning machine packages products faster and more efficiently than any worker could achieve, leaving your workers free to ensure the quality of the product is also up to speed.

Our range of cartoning machinery includes packing and tray fillers, tray forming, wrap around, boxing and multipack machines.

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cartoning machines from advanced dynamics

What applications do our cartoning machines work in?

Cartoning machinery is used in all fast moving consumer goods sectors but especially food, confectionery, tobacco, tea and coffee, pharmaceuticals, toiletries, cosmetics, household products and DIY.

Our range of case packer machinery includes machines for American boxes (RSC), packaging and tray filler machines, tray forming machines, wrap around boxing machines, wrap around machines and multipack machines.

Reflecting the innovative design on which all our packaging machines are designed, these machines are all accessible, compact and robust.

Our machines can work with open cardboard, cases, trays, blanks, boxes and crates in various formats for a vast range of products.

We have a complete range of machines for automatic packaging with boxes which can be manufactured and sold individually, or a complete packaging line.

Benefits of cartoning machines

Our cartoning equipment is user-friendly & reliable. Particular attention was paid to these machines to reduce operator intervention for format changes to just few, simple operations. The mechanics of the machine & the electric box make the machine simple to use, and there is full access inside the machine allowing immediate diagnosis, maintenance and cleaning.

Cartoning machines offer many benefits for businesses that require high-speed packaging of products inluding:

Increased efficiency: Our machines increase the speed and accuracy of packaging, while reducing labour costs.

  • Flexibility: Cartoning machinery can handle a wide range of product sizes and shapes, and can be customised to accommodate unique packaging requirements.
  • Improved product protection: Our machines can package products with precision, ensuring that they are protected during transport and storage. This can reduce the risk of product damage and improve product quality.
  • Increased safety: Our machines for cartoning products can reduce the risk of workplace injuries associated with manual packaging methods, by automating the process.

Overall, machines for cartoning are an important investment for businesses that require high-speed, high-quality packaging of products. By automating the process, businesses can improve efficiency and improve product quality, while also reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

And let’s not forget the most important benefit of all – a cartoning machine can help reduce your costs, which means you can buy more product to fill those boxes with.


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