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Our innovative and accurate liquid filling machines are suitable for use with food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, e-liquids and more.

Volumetric Filling Machines

We have a variety of volumetric filling machines for use with pharmaceuticals, food, petrochemicals, detergents and more.

Every filling machine we offer is volumetric, which means that the machine fills by an exact volume, exactly the same as a medical syringe. There is an outer cylinder that holds an exact amount of liquid – 500ml for example – and a piston that moves up and down within the cylinder to accurately dose a volume of liquid.

Other filling machines use a continuous flow of liquid, and you time exactly how long to run the pumps to dispense an amount of liquid. This makes volumetric machines far more accurate.

We supply automatic filling machines for use with various containers including plastic bottle filling machines, and machines for filling jars, tubs, jerry cans and most other containers! Depending on the viscosity of the liquid you are handling, you can choose between a variety of liquid filling machines within our range.

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    Benefits of our filling machines

    By using one of our automatic volumetric filling machines you can improve the speed and efficiency of your production site. We also supply combined filling and capping machines. 

    Our machines’ benefits include offering: 

    • Mess free liquid filling 
    • Accurate and stable bottle positioning 
    • Variable filling speeds 
    • Adjustable nozzle heights 
    • Sturdy and reliable performance 
    • Safety features such as interlock guards 
    • Adjustable filling and timing parameters 
    • Touchscreen operation 
    • Compact options

    Overall, a volumetric filling machine is an extremely accurate, easy to change and extremely versatile filling system. It allows multiple different free flowing liquids, from low to medium viscosity, to be accurately filled very easily. All our filling machines use servo motors to drive the piston inside the cylinder up and down, which means that an operator can change the settings by using a touch screen and simply typing in the dose they require (257ml for example). The machine will dose this exact amount, every time.


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