Our Palletising Systems work for Your Business

Our palletising systems are accessible and practical, with pallet storage, pallet wrapping and depalletisers also available.

Palletising Machines

Our palletiser machines use pick & place and robotic movement to transfer boxes, sleeves and loose products in an ordered manner, according to the programming layouts for the pallet.

Our palletising systems work with a vast range of products in sectors ranging from tissue to plastic, beverages and food.

For this reason, based on the applications, our palletiser range proposes faster and more automated solutions using robots and complex systems, as well as solutions with very compact and simple palletisation systems.

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    We have a complete range of machines which can be manufactured and sold individually, or a complete packaging line.


We’ll learn about your business and requirements to fully understand your project and its aims.


We’ll draw on our years of packaging expertise to advise you how to achieve the desired outcome.


We’ll supply and install high-quality equipment in your facility and make sure you know how to use it.

A consultative partnership powering your production lines

We’re committed to providing specialist packaging solutions that bring a rapid return on investment.


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We believe that to provide the best solution to your requirements, we must first listen. Either by phone or face to face, we aspire to make our first conversation the beginning of a long term, mutually beneficial partnership.

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