RCP-181 8 Head High-Speed Rotary Capping Machine

RCP-181 8 Head High-Speed Rotary Capping Machine

Our RCP-181 8 Head High Speed Rotary Capping System can be used with both aluminum ROPP and plastic screw caps.

High speed and fully automatic

Our RCP-181 is a high-speed, fully automatic capper for aluminium ROPP and plastic screw type caps. It’s quick and efficient changeover makes it ideal for companies that require a variety of capping applications.

The RCP-181 8 Head High Speed Rotary Capping Machine’s continuous pick-and-place function is driven by triple servo motors ensuring that caps are fitted tightly and precisely, so the product leaves your facility in perfect and secure condition. With sturdy construction and flexibility in production, this is a durable machine that will serve any facility with precision and reliability.

Suitable for aluminum ROPP and plastic screw caps

Continuous pick-and-place function

Driven by triple servo motors

8 Rotary capping heads

Easy to maintain

Stainless steel and anodised aluminium construction

Full spares and service support from our Bradford based team

Technical Specifications

Capping station
8 Head rotary module
Power Supply
380 V, 50/60 Hz, 3-phase
Air Supply
6 bar
2.5 kW
3000 mm (L) x 1900 mm (W) x 1900 mm (H)

Touchscreen Control System

HMI Screen
Delta 5.7" colour touchscreen
Program Control
Panasonic PLC
KEYENCE sensor
Piston Driving
Schneider servo motor
Nozzle Driving
Schneider servo motor

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