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PRO-225D Clamshell Labelling Machine

PRO-225D Clamshell Labelling Machine

Our PRO-225D Clamshell Labelling Machine is designed for top, base, watch strap and c-wrap labelling applications.

Capable of applying top and bottom labels to the clamshell, as well as C Shape and L shape labelling

Our PRO-225D Clamshell Labelling Machine is ideal for those who desire a modular labelling machine that can be customised according to evolving business needs.

As part of the PRO Series, the Inline PRO-225D Clamshell Labelling Machine is a top and bottom labelling machine that includes a broad selection of upgradable options, while affording you both speed and simplicity.

C shape & L shape labelling

Wipe in design

Allows label to secure on the container with excellent accuracy

Expert support

From our team of skilled engineers based in Bradford. West Yorkshire.

Bespoke systems

Our Labelling equipment can be developed to match special individual requirement to provide perfect solution for every problems.

Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage
220/110 VAC 50/60 HZ 1 Phase
Power Consumption
880 VA
Dispensing Speed
5m-40 per minute
Applicator Height
Conveyor Width
Spool Diameter
(L) 1835mm x (W) 800mm x (H) 1360mm

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At Advanced Dynamics, we understand that every business has unique needs, which is why our pricing for our PRO-225D Clamshell Labelling Machine is based on various factors.

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