You Can’t Beat a Little Reflected Glory!

Our engineering apprentices, Adam and Conor, both picked up awards at the recent APPRIS Apprentice College Prize Giving Ceremony 2023. Well in lads!

So…… Adam and Conor smashed it!  We are so happy for the lads who both plundered an award at the recent APPRIS Apprentice College Prize Giving Ceremony 2023.  The awards were across the whole of Year 3 in the Electrical category and reflect their achievements in both knowledge and skills and we couldn’t be prouder.

Adam and Conor collect their apprenticeship awards

It had long been an ambition of our founding chairman, Malcolm, to bring a group of apprentices through our business, and to repay Fate for the opportunity that was given to him all those many, many, many (hang on, be careful, he’s not that old) years ago when leaving school. Although, back then, anything was better than going up chimneys (stop it!). To be fair, and joking apart, he firmly believes that it is the industry’s responsibility to develop tomorrow’s engineers, designers, and leaders; is it not true that all anyone needs is a chance!?

We have high hopes for all our apprentices and will be working closely with them over the last 12 months of Stage One of the apprenticeship scheme. What happens next? Who knows. HNC? Degree? So long as they have the ambition, commitment and a drive to succeed, the engineering world will be their oyster, and we will support them every step of the way.

As for the reflected glory of the title, you can’t blame Malcolm for gate-crashing the group photo. Seriously, him and a camera, it’s like a hippo and water!!!

Advanced Dynamics at APPRIS Apprentice College Prize Giving Ceremony 2023

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