Northern Monk Partnership

Tom Smith, our sales director, explains how a perfect packaging partnership helped boost a brewery’s success.

Northern Monk Triples Output

Tom Smith, our sales director, explains how a perfect packaging partnership helped boost a brewery’s success.

Advanced Dynamics may have been in the packaging solutions business a lot longer than Northern Monk has been producing beer, but with both our companies’ roots firmly set in Yorkshire a strong bond has developed which has helped the brewery triple output in order to meet the soaring demand from consumers for its hugely popular ales.

Launched from a house cellar just six years ago, Northern Monk is now one of the UK’s fastest growing drinks companies and our firms’ strong partnership has provided labelling solutions that help keep the brand fresh and exciting.

An excellent rapport between supplier and customer is vital in the food and drinks industry. We are committed to forging long-term, service-based partnerships that customers find invaluable and hopefully inspiring. A proactive support ethos is at the heart of everything we do, whether you’re into bottles, cans or other packaging.

Our latest trip to Northern Monk’s brewery was to help the award-winning drinks business install a new state-of-the-art canning line to significantly increase production of beers such as Eternal™, New World™, Northern Star™ and Faith™.

Accurate and secure labelling of drinks containers of all shapes and sizes is vital for presentation and speed to market. So, at its Leeds site our team integrated a Pack Leader PRO-515 labeller into the line with a double reel unwinder, an upgrade to a labelling system which has seen output rocket from 2,000 cans per hour to up to 6,000 cans per hour.

Their beers are pretty much flying off the shelves and we’re absolutely delighted that Northern Monk’s Operations Manager Ciaran Shier appreciates our partnership.

“Advanced Dynamics has helped us out over the years and often at short notice, which we are very grateful for. They provide great customer service and support.

Northern Monk is focused on creating some of the best beer experiences in the world, and to do that we needed to expand. The expansion strategy was to triple output, and Advanced Dynamics’ PRO-515 was integral to achieving our objectives.”

Ciaran Shier - Operations Manager

Northern Monk’s ongoing custom is really valued as it allows us to prove to them exactly what we believe in and stand for. Community is at the core of Northern Monk’s business and they often collaborate with other breweries and businesses to help create positive change. This ethos is a mirror image of our own.

We have a reputation for innovative labelling solutions in the brewery sector, as Northern Monk will vouch. Building a good relationship through supportive customer service, as well as reliable equipment, can help UK breweries deliver products quickly to market by increasing productivity and avoiding bottlenecks, especially during seasonal peaks – we should all drink to that!

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