Why buy a labelling machine for your bottle filling operation?

Let's face it - hand labelling is a pain in the ass. But you don't have to have massive volume to think about automating this so you can concentrate on something that machines can't do - like selling more product to your customers.

You might be asking yourself, why buy a labelling machine?

Let’s be candid with you.

We know that hand applying labels is a pain in the ass.  But when you start, you don’t have an alternative. The interesting thing is, you don’t have to have massive volume to think about automating this part of your production process.

However small your current process might be, adding a labelling machine to your process will make it onto a production line.

Because after you’ve filled your bottle and put a cap on it – you have to put the bottle down somewhere. Why not put it onto the infeed of a labelling machine? And then, as you’re doing another job, such as filling or capping the next bottle, you hear the labelling machine go gnnn – and you’ll know the label’s gone on. You know that it’s been labelled accurately, square, and it’s ready for a shelf. Basically, the label has gone on for nothing.

Why wouldn’t you buy one?

Start your automation process with a labelling machine

When starting to automate your liquid filling production line, a labelling machine needs to be your first automation.

If you are still hand filling, invariably you’re also still capping and labelling your products yourself. You can’t automate it all at once. Although one day you will hopefully need an automated filling machine – for now you want the benefits that a labelling machine can bring.

If you want to label 1000 to 2000 bottles a day, for an automatic filler, that’s not a lot. And the investment in an automatic filler is big money. So, concentrate first on filling and capping by hand, and then put it onto the conveyor, and let it get labelled for nothing at the end.

What else is good about using a labelling machine

PRO-625W Front, Back and Wraparound Labelling System
Another reason you want to buy a labelling machine is that as opposed to hand labelling, using an automated machine is 100% accurate. With a human, the label doesn’t always go on straight. Someone has to peel of the backing paper, line it up, stick it on. And, let’s face it, after doing a few hundred of those in a row you can’t be bothered to line it up right every time.

With an automated machine the label goes on perfectly every time.

We can help you choose your labelling machine

We can advise you on how to put a labelling machine into a small production line – or any production line for that matter. Drop us a line to have a conversation with one of our team about how we can help.

And… with the money and time that you can save, you can ramp up your production, to be ready for the next step – a filling machine. Imagine filling, capping and labelling over a hundred products in the time that it’s taken you to read this article.

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Tom & Vanessa from Advanced Dynamics