Why buy an automatic liquid filling machine?

So, why should you buy an automatic liquid filling machine? Probably because you're fed up being late on deliveries, and not having enough capacity to fulfil all of your orders.

So, why should you buy an automatic liquid filling machine?

Probably because you’re pissed off being late on deliveries, and not having enough capacity.

Because you’re hand filling or at best have one person per each benchtop filling machine, and you are struggling to get your capacity out.

Because, in short, you need capacity.

Capacity: the questions you should be asking

The question you need to ask yourself before you go any further is what’s capacity do you need? The sub question to this is also, what capacity will you need in the next 6 months, 12 months, and 2 years’ time?

To quote Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.”

And by that we mean, if you grow your capacity to twice as much as you need right now, just think what you can do the in the time in your week, that’s currently taken up with filling problems.

You can go out into the field and sell that extra capacity. You can sell more products to your market. So, you immediately have more time and opportunity to grow.


Questions we need to know

We can help you find an automatic filling machine that can help you with this. The three questions we need from you are:

1.       What size of bottle do you want to fill?

2.       How many do you want to fill?

3.       What liquid are you filling?

There are a number of machines across our range that can accommodate pretty much everything that will pour and indeed creams. So take it as read, we can do any liquid and talk to us about what you want to do.

What can you achieve with an automatic liquid filling machine?

You’ll see, depending on the size of machine, a huge uplift in your efficiencies and the capacity going through. Depending on how you man your filling at the moment, you’ll also see a significant reduction in costs of production.
FL-122 Dual Lane 12 Head Automatic Filling Machines by Advanced Dynamics

Are automatic liquid filling machines accurate?

Yes, automatic filling machines are accurate. With our machines you’ll see an improvement in inaccuracy to plus or minus .5% which is bloody good! But really, we have never said to a potential client, do you want to buy our machines – they’re really accurate. What our customers want to know is, are they going to run when we switch them on? Are they going to run efficiently? And are they going to be reliable? And then if they do break down, what happens?

And what happens is at that point is we have 10 engineers in our after sales department. You can call on those guys, and they will help you over the phone. If we can’t help you over the phone, we aim to be with you within 24 hours of your call. Which leads me onto my last point, that I’m sure you were just going to ask, why are we so brilliant at what we do…?

Why Advanced Dynamics?

Perhaps you ask the question, why Advanced Dynamics. Quite simply, if you want to partner for your business rather than just a transactional supplier, that’s why you would come to Advanced Dynamics.

At Advanced Dynamics we pride ourselves on our after sales service and working with customers as partners, not suppliers and customers.

This relationship is mutually beneficial, because – let’s be real -everybody wants to make a profit. If we work together, we increase everyone’s profits. By knowing us better, you will trust us, therefore you’ll buy from us again, and with a 5-year warranty on all products… really, what else do you need to ask!

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you specifically, and what products you might need.

Exceed your expectations

Give us the opportunity. Allow us to demonstrate what we believe makes us different, to show you why working with a partner is infinitely better than working with a supplier.

Tom & Vanessa from Advanced Dynamics