TRON Automatic Palletiser

The TRON Automatic Palletiser with a gripper picking head, robotic movement and an open structure is accessible and highly practical.

TRON Automatic Palletiser

The TRON Automatic Palletiser is available with multiple bays or a single bay, and comes with a gripper picking head, robotic movement and an open structure that is accessible and highly practical.

The robot or pick and place is customised to delicately handle the product and turn it to the suitable position before placing it into the pallet.

The machine can be fitted with a box/package/multipack roller and centring unit, so the box always has the same position on picking. After picking, the product is positioned on the pallet following the chosen palletisation configuration.

Pallet storage systems, pallet wrapping and depalletising systems are also available.






Available With Multiple Bays or Single Bay

Easy to Use

Easy Movement From One Line to the Next

Equipped With a Gripper Head for Product Picking

Pallet Storage Systems Available

Pallet Wrapping Systems Available

Depalletising Systems Available

Conveyor Belt Equipped With Optical Sensors for Box Reading

Roller Systems Available With Automatic Loading or Unloading Of the Empty or Full Pallet

Technical Specification

TRON Automatic Palletiser
from 2000 mm
from 1350 mm
up to 2400 mm + pallet
Pallet Size
800x1200 mm + optional 1000x1200 mm
Pallet Height
1600 mm + pallet, optional up to 2700 mm + pallet, special versions H. 3000mm
up to 10 boxes / sleeves / multipacks per minute
Single pallet bay on the ground or version with automatic load
Holding Head
Suction cups or grippers
Box Size
Min. 90x150x100h mm | Max. 400x600x600h mm
Carton layer / interfold placement on pallet

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