EF2 235 Easy Feeder

The EF2 235 Easy Feeder machine is modern and efficient, providing you with a streamlined production process.

The new generation of feeder machines

The EasyFeeder EF2-235 forms part of Köra-Packmat’s new generation of Easy Feeders. The EF2-235 is the perfect entry-level model for your friction feeder requirements, providing improved performance for the separation of flat products.

The EF2-235 is used for feeding brochures or single sheets with up to 40m/min, offering up to 60 cycles per minute. Product thickness can range between 0.1-5mm. This Easy Feeder offers stack support that is individually adjustable and an easy to use PLC interface.

Its compact and modern design saves on space, and with straightforward usability, it remains one of the market leading machines for separation. For cutting down costs and improving production line efficiency, look no further than the EF2-235.

Technical Specification

40 m/min up to 60 cycles/min
Power supply
230 V / 50 Hz, 200 VA
Microprocessor, PLC interface, 15 pins

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