TSA-2 Drum Suction Feeder

The TSA-2 Drum Suction Feeder machine allows you to speed up your production line whilst maintaining exact results.

tsa2 drum suction feeder

The feeder machine for speed

The Drum Suction Feeder is ideal for feeding magazines and brochures in film wrapping machines. The products are controlled by a flat cam belt and a vacuum suction unit.

With a maximum feeding speed of 200 cycles per minute (depending on the product), the TSA-2 allows you to significantly increase the speeds of your production line. Products are separated by cam-controlled grippers and a vacuum unit, ensuring exact results. On the TSA-2, you’ll find fully adjustable feeding speed and the ability to feed products directly to the next processing machine, speeding up your process even more.

The Feeder safely separates stapled brochures, magazines, and other products – even when the surface may be thin or delicate.

Technical Specification

Format range (special formats possible):
min. 90 x 100 mm (L x W), transv. max. 420 x 297 mm (L x W), transv
Speed (depending on product):
Max. 200 cycles/min.
Magazine loading (depending on product):
Stack height max. 250 mm
AC servo motor, infinitely controllable
PLC interface, control by input at the operator panel with touchscreen
Supply voltage:
3 x 400 V / 50 Hz / Nominal current 10A
Compressed-air connection:
6 bar, dry, oil-free air, connection 1/4 " to the compressed-air connection of the machine
Dimensions (W x D x H) / Weight:
approx. 828 x 685 x 786 mm / depending on version and equipment

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