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protec mini sheet counter

B.Matic Protec Mini Sheet Counter CM

Protec Mini Sheet Counter

uses the counting head, which is realized with our DUAL SYSTEM, a counting system provided with a couple of aspirant plates. Counting process is not made by optical or statistical means; all the sheets are physically counted, one by one. The system allows the counting of paper, cardboard and plastic, also inserting a tab for packs separation; another unique feature of our sheets counters, is that they count from the top downwards, making it possible to take away the sheets from the top of the stack (and not from the bottom), simplifying all operator's activities.

sheet counter

B.Matic Protec ADR 32 Sheet Counter

The new B.Matic Protec ADR 32 sheet counter, exclusively available in the UK from Advanced Dynamics, is set to revolutionise the market for counting technology. This is due to the machine’s exceptional speed and accuracy with no damage whatsoever to materials. Suitable for high performance counting of a variety of items including currency, cardboard, paper and plastic, the Protec ADR 32 sheet counter equipment can handle sizes from A6 to A1 up to 800gsm thick at an impressive rate of around three thousand per minute, even with tab insertion, without corner deformation and no scratching.

B.Matic F320 sheet counter

B.Matic F320 Sheet Counter

The B.Matic F320 Sheet Counter is based on the B.Matic Friction Feeder that was developed with the best technical solutions. Having the benefit of Opposing Cantilever Shafts on which the singulation systems are mounted, these allow easy replacement of belts and quick adjustment for different product widths. Singulation speeds of up to 200 metres per minute may be achieved depending on products which may be up to 320mm wide.


B.Matic A4 Pack Mover Sheet Counter

The B.Matic A4 Pack Mover Sheet Counter is a new system for processing cut sheets in the size range A4/A5 to a preselected count. Accurate counting using the B.Matic exclusive Dual System that does not deform the corners or scratch the product ensures security of product count. The exclusive benefit of the B.Matic A4 Pack Mover Sheet Counter of producing piles of counted stock is that individual sheets do not have to be separated and then restacked thus eliminating any surface damage that delicate materials would otherwise experience.

tab inserter

B.Matic Tab Inserter "TAB-IN" Model

The new generation tab inserter developed from 20 years' experience: it is an innovative, compact, versatile, and scaleable device which can be supplied in various configurations from the simplest and cheapest to the most complete, for any type of application.

B.Matic Pack Mover

B.Matic Protec Pack Mover CS Sheet Counter

B.Matic PACK MOVER line allows sheets counting directly from the pile eliminating the load /unload problem typical of traditional counters.The input pile is automatically aligned to the counting head. It is the latest evolution of PROTEC line, physically counting the sheets one by one with the versatility, precision and reliability of DUAL SYSTEM. technology. All B.Matic PACK MOVERs count directly from the pile and pick the counted pack to lay it on a conveyor.



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