ARGON Bundler Machine

ARGON Bundler Machine

Available in fully automatic or semi-automatic versions, the ARGON bundler machine can produce compact multipack packaging at speeds of up to 25 multipacks per minute.

Up to 25 packs every minute

Thanks to bar automation, integration of automatic loading systems and program logic, the ARGON can produce compact multipack packaging at speeds of up to 25 multipacks per minute.

The ARGON machines can be used in the packaging of grouped products such as rolls of kitchen / tissue paper, or single, medium to large sized packs requiring packaging without necessarily being shrinked. They can be equipped, based on requirements, with diverters, cardboard loaders, stackers etc.

The ARGON works with center-folded or flat film with the possible addition of a splicer, loading system and multipack creation based on product dimensions and adaptable to the various types of products.

Maximum width of bag 3000 mm, max. height up to 600 mm.

Maximum production speed: 25 packs/minute.

Bundler Machine for Multipacks With Stacking Without Waste

Speeds of up to 25 Multipack/Minute

Flat Film Reel

High Quality Components, ISO Certificated

Manageable From the Touch Screen, Rotating Touch Panel to Control From Both Sides

Change Format in an Immediate and Simple Manner

Mechanical Version or Motorised Incl. Saved Electronic Movements

Can Be Equipped With Different Stacking or Grouping Systems (Stacker, Diverter, Etc.)

Can Pack Products in Plastic, Polystyrene, Tissue, EPS, Single or Multipack

Technical Specification

Flat film Width
800mm - 2600mm
Speed - Intermittent
15 packs/minute
Speed - Box Motion
30 packs/minute

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