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Atom's fortunes have escalated year on year with demand spiralling in particular for taster bottles of quality spirits and covetable gifts.

Atom Brands celebrates epic Christmas bolstered by Advanced Dynamics

Has your packaging business ever grown much faster than anticipated, with time-sensitive customer orders to fulfil but not enough capacity? Atom Brands did – and credits Advanced Dynamics Ltd with contributing to the successful handling of an unprecedented 2017 Christmas rush.

Atom Brands owns and markets the highly popular premium Drinks by the Dram brand, and has been a customer of Advanced Dynamics for three years. Since its first purchase, of two reliable and rapid ELF-50 labelling machines, the company’s fortunes have escalated year on year with demand spiralling in particular for taster bottles of quality spirits and covetable gifts such as Drinks by the Dram’s Advent Calendars.

Atom relies on its ELF-50s which take up little space, can help increase productivity by as much as 500% and are excellent options for accurately labelling containers, cartons and bottle shapes.

“Our Drinks by the Dram range has really taken off over the last few years and we rely heavily on the ELF 50 labelling machines to dish out a consistent 40 a minute of our 30ml miniatures, ready for packing and distribution to customers. We love the fact that the equipment is reliable and robust, and gives us accurate results day in, day out. Quality spirits demand quality packaging.”
Liam Belton - Operations Manager

Not surprisingly, demand for its products peaks seasonally and Atom Brands has each year found it necessary to increase its ranks of ELF-50 labellers in order to effectively fulfil customer orders. However, 2017 was a particularly successful year with unprecedented order levels and the company found itself in sudden need of additional equipment to avoid disappointing customers.

“We found ourselves in a bit of a predicament last year. All our lines were working to full capacity and more orders than ever were coming in. We contacted Advanced Dynamics, not really expecting them to be able to help at such short notice, but amazingly within 24 hours they had another two labellers delivered and ready to roll. The team has always been on hand with help and advice but that was truly amazing customer service. Advanced Dynamics dug us out of a hole and helped us make Christmas for our customers.”
Liam Belton - Operations Manager

As exclusive UK distributor of Pack Leader’s cutting edge solutions, including fillers, cappers, labellers and sleevers amongst others, Advanced Dynamics can meet the needs of packaging companies of all sizes and sectors.

Advanced Dynamics is the sole UK distributor of Pack Leader’s cutting-edge packaging solutions. These provide pinpoint accuracy and high-quality filling in a wide range of container sizes of up to five litres for a variety of diverse manufacturing sectors, either in a line or standalone, and especially suitable for pharmaceutical, food, beverages, cosmetics, detergents and petrochemical industries.

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