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Read how we helped set up a production line for Nootro Labs owner, Cary Holmes, who is a cannabinoid expert – and no that doesn’t mean he’s an experienced cannibal – he runs a CBD manufacturing company that makes cannabis products.

Who are Nootro Labs?

Nootro Labs are a producer of CBD products, and all sorts of topicals and cosmetics. Their products consist of healthy ingredients such as nootropics, vitamins, and hemp-derived elements. They sell their products to High Street names such as Holland and Barret.

Their hemp products are the type that have a range of health benefits, rather the hemp products associated with getting stoned. They source their CBD directly from their partner, True North Labs, a leading raw material extraction company based in Switzerland. True North Labs have helped Nootro Labs deliver the most efficacious Hemp products you can buy.

They operate a direct to source approach, which means that they can offer unbeatable prices, full traceability, and frictionless trade across Europe.

What is the CBD industry?

I’m sure you’ve probably heard about CBD. CBD (Cannabidiol) is a phytocannabinoid derived from the cannabis leaf. It’s the healthy part of cannabis. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the bad part that makes you hallucinate and all that sort of stuff, but CBD and various other cannabinoids within the cannabis leaf have a wide range of health benefits.

Our personal connection to the CBD industry

Our Managing Director, Tom Smith has his own connection to CBD. His wife battles with MS and epilepsy. And so, when our customers in the e-liquid industry started producing CBD products, he was able to get hold of some early product. His wife acted as an early case study for the people in CBD, trying their products and realising their benefits. And so, at Advanced Dynamics, we have a first-hand appreciation of the CBD industry and the value it can bring to customers’ lives.

Why did Nootro Labs decide to work with AD?

The owner of Nootro Labs, Cary Holmes has been involved in the CBD market for many years and has a large number of connections, knowledge and experience in the industry. When he decided to start his own business, Cary was already a very well-connected guy, and knew pretty much everything that there was to know about the CBD market and where to sell his products.

He contacted Advanced Dynamics because he had used our machines in the past and he had also heard of us from a couple of other CBD businesses. He knew that we were regarded as being a market leader in CBD filling equipment.

How did things come about?

Cary got in touch via our website. From this, Tom phoned Cary to talk though what he needed. Cary asked if we would meet up with him, and when they met, Tom and Cary got on like a house on fire. Cary saw our machines and talked to Tom about his plans. Within a week the deal was done, and it’s been a dream team partnership ever since.

Cary has since taken out more products and believes now that if he could buy every single one of his packaging machines from us, (because unfortunately, we don’t sell all of them) he would happily do so because he knows that we give absolute first-class support.

What machines does he have of ours?

He has an FL-14 Quad head filler, which is a four head filling machine. He has a CP-10 semi-automatic capping machine. And he also has a PL-501 wraparound labeller. We also supply them with infeed and outfeed rotary tables to assist in making the line more autonomous and increasing its throughput.

The FL-14 is an incredibly flexible machine. It’s one of our compact, semi-automatic lines and is the most affordable filling line that we have, yet it still has brilliant, unrivalled capacity.

What kind of support have we given them over the years?

So far, we’ve not had any breakdown issues on site. We have helped provide further training for new operators when there has been a turnover of staff or when Cary is taking on new people. We’ve also provided him with annual servicing, to make sure everything’s tickety-boo.

Cary understands now that it’s the machine and the support that goes hand in hand, that makes a good packaging equipment supplier, because you can have the best machine on the planet but if you don’t know how to work it, it’s no use.

If his team don’t know how to use the kit when they first start, he can lose days and days’ and days’ worth of time. So having the ability to quickly and proactively attend the site, train staff, and make sure that everybody’s up to speed has been a key reason for continued collaboration.

What results have we helped Nootro Labs achieve?

With the size and type of businesses that Cary deals with, he would not be where he is today without the consistency and level of automation that he’s got from our equipment.

This has brought him in at a level where, straightaway, he was able to compete with the biggest players in the CBD market. He has machinery that can produce just as much product as any other larger competitor. With the kinds of businesses that Cary deals with, you have to be able to provide products consistently in a rapid turnaround time. We helped and continue to help Cary make this possible.

FL-14 quad head fillers can handle up to 2,000 or 2,500 bottles an hour, depending on the fill size. So being smaller bottles, he could produce up to 15,000 products a day! There’s nobody really demanding that much product right now, but the flexibility of that line, coupled with the support that we’ve given him means that he’s been confident in going out and selling into pretty much anywhere at any volume.

Do you manufacture CBD products and need help expanding your production line? Get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

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