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Artisans are benefiting significantly from the latest automated labelling systems

Fine Foods Get VIP Labelling Treatment

Fine food producers have traditionally been reluctant converts to automated processes for fear of impacting on their artisan status, and the inaccurate perception that it could take a significant chunk out of the capital budget. Now, such artisans are benefiting significantly from the latest automated labelling systems that can help underpin their future in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Advanced Dynamics supplies cost-effective packaging equipment that will not break the bank, but ensures products get to market quickly without compromising on presentation quality. Desk-top labellers, like Pack Leader’s ELF series exclusively available in the UK from Advanced Dynamics, are ideal for replacing manual labelling. The ELF 20 and ELF 50 take up little space, can help increase productivity by as much as 500% and are excellent options for accurately labelling containers, cartons and bottle shapes.

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