St Eval Candle Company

How our labellers transformed the St Eval Candle Company.

Nestled on a working farm in North Cornwall, you will find St Eval Candle Company – a company borne from humble beginnings, crafting candles by hand in the family farmhouse kitchen.

Traditional in every sense of the word and with nature rooted in everything they do, their team seeks inspiration from the beauty of the Cornish countryside surrounding them; creating pots, candles, fragrances, lotions, and soaps that hook the nose as well as the imagination.

After years of growing, it was clear that St Eval Candle Company needed a more efficient way of working. This is what they had to say…

“Over the years, our tin label application has developed from every label being applied by hand until we just got too big to keep doing this, and so we bought an applicator which rolled the label onto the tin. That worked well for a year or so.

“We continued to grow so much that handling the tins one at a time on the roller was just not keeping up with production.”

So, what was the defining moment when you knew you needed to grow?

“When production had to halt to allow the labelling team to catch up.”

St Eval Candle Company approached Advanced Dynamics to find a solution to their problems. They wanted a piece of kit that would run their tins down a conveyor and automatically apply the correct label – something that would free up the team and keep production going.

The answer came in the form of the ELF-50 Labeller.

Watch the ELF-50 in action for St Eval by clicking below

See the automated wraparound labeller in action for St Eval candle company
See the automated wraparound labeller in action for St Eval candle company

On the machine, the St Eval Candle Company team said: “It was great to watch the team here looking sceptical at Jack installing the ELF-50 Labeller. Our main concerns were whether it would be quicker, and would it be as accurate? Within a few days, though, everyone loved it!

“Like everyone, the team likes working with something that improves their job. The machine makes it not only quicker but also easier to do. It’s been a huge benefit to both employees and us as a company.”

In fact, its success was so resounding that in March 2020, St Eval Candle Company reached back out to the team here at Advanced Dynamics to purchase a second machine to support other areas of the business, this machine was the PL-501D three-point wraparound labeller.

“With the success of the tin labelling line, we realised that the same technology could be applied to our diffuser line; with the exception that the diffuser line needed an in-line batch coder and rotary out-feed table, which again Advanced Dynamics were able to recommend and install.”

“Both lines work very well now and are an integral part of our production process.”

“We have had great service from Advanced Dynamics over the last two years, always coming back with quotes and ideas quickly. Maintenance and installation have been excellent and we would happily use them again in the future.”

To find out more about St. Eval Candle Company and discover their beautiful artisan product range, visit their website at:

Does your business face a similar issue? Are you finding that key processes are being held up and feel automation could be the answer to your solutions? Advanced Dynamics might just be able to help you and your business out as well.




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