PL-10 Stand Alone Applicator

PL-10 Stand Alone Applicator

Our PL-10 Stand Alone Applicator can be mounted on a portable stand as a PL-10. With a caster stand, it allows for a quick location change when needed from another production line.

Suitable for a wide range of top labelling on flat package products

The PL-10 / PL-11 allows users to maximise the production rate with its versatile labelling method as a top or side labeller.

The PL-11 labelling head used on the PL-10 Stand Alone Applicator is a dependable and reliable solution for various production lines, capable of integrating with your existing line to deliver repeatable labelling and accurate results.

Straightforward Design

Applying labels to the top of products is built into the PL-10 / PL-11’s top apply design.

Simple to Use

The built-in operating instructions and trouble-shooting guide offered on the operator interface, as well as hand wheels that provide for simple adjustments, enable quick and easy changeover

Made to Last

Made from 304 stainless steel and anodised aluminium and carefully treated to guard against the effects of harsher environments. This durability into a solid choice for labelling machine longevity.

Exceptional Support

With all our high quality equipment, customers from around the UK will receive support from our expert team of skilled engineers based in Bradford, West Yorkshire.


For diverse product and shapes, the PL-10 / PL-11 product sensor can be adjusted for various applications. With the manual position setting, your labels are placed accurately on the product each and every time.


The Label Countdown feature allows you to see precisely how far along the project is as the production run progresses.


The PL-10 can easily and conveniently be moved to other production areas to allow for changing in production or products.


Our compliant labelling machine gives you a high comfort level as you undergo the required quarterly inspections from industry compliance auditors

Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage
220/110 VAC 50/60HZ 1 Phase
Power Consumption
820 VA
Dispensing Speed
5m~40m per minute
Applicator Height
L:1000 x W: 920 x H:1100 mm
Dispensing Max Speed
Labelling Head Driver
Step Motor Drive
Label Length
Min: 15mm (0.59’) Max: 300mm (11.81’)
Label Reel Inner
46mm (1.81’) OR 76mm (2.99’)
Label Reel Outer
Max: 375mm (14.76’)
Space Between Label Min
3mm (0.12’) OR More

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