Feeder Labellers

Advanced Dynamics’ line-up of feeder labellers from Köra-Packmat, with servo driven buffer rake for batch counting products. The feeders are easy to set up and use for different sizes of product. The Servo buffer rake allows high speed operation, yet is extremely quiet and produces far less vibration than the traditional pneumatic system.

Köra Packmat Feeding and Affixing Unit

Köra Packmat Feeding and Affixing Unit. The carrier products are deposited in the friction feeder's vertical magazine, separated and transferred to the vacuum conveyor via the exit extension. By integration of a hot melt application system as well as an LHP servo friction feeder above the vacuum conveyor the carrier product can be equipped with an additional product (e.g. account card on letter or gift card on eflyer), with continuous machine operation.

feeder labeller

Feeder Labeller

The requirement for the feeder labeller is to feed from a stack, sheets ranging from A4 to A1. To print & apply barcode labels to alternate corners of paper or boards, to scan each barcode for readability and correct data. All faulty packs were to be rejected for re-working by means of a rejection system at the end of the conveyor. All good product was to be collated into batch sizes for manual packing.


Peel and stick feed/label/batch application

The requirement was for peel and stick feeder at high speed, gift tags from bulk stock and apply a “peel and stick” attachment label with an accuracy of +/- 1mm and then automatically batch product into programmable quantities for manual packing. The requested output was up to 300 tags per minute. This requirement was achieved using a Kora-Packmat high speed peel and stick feeder complete with autoloader feeding tags onto a vacuum conveyor.


High speed greeting card labelling system complete with extended infeed

This greeting card labelling system utilises the same system of feeding and labelling using a Kora-Packmat LB Feeder complete with a two metre autoloader and Eurokett Ultra labeller as outlined above and adds the further dimension of re-batching at the outfeed for manual packing. The greeting card labelling system is able to handle a wide range of card sizes and types together with a range of labels.


Feeding, labelling, final outfeed batch feeder and collation

This system utilises the same feeder/labelling and batching system outlined above and adds the further dimension of re-batching at the outfeed for manual packing.

feeder labellers

Precision labelling and timed feed into cartoning machine

Precision labelling with the high standards of pack integrity of the pharmaceutical industry in mind, this system was developed to ensure that each information booklet had a label applied to with in +/-1mm and was then fed into the waiting infeed of a cartoning machine.


Large sheet and careful handling

Artist boards of 400gsm up to A1 size in this application not only required pin-point label placement accuracy but also needed to be handled with care to avoid blemishes to sensitive surfaces. The Kora Packmat HSW rising pile top vacuum suction feeder provides the required sensitivity and a continuous flow of the boards onto the transport conveyor for labelling by the versatile Eurokett Junior.



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