We’ve Been Crowned Small Business of the Year!

On Thursday 14 October we won the Small Business of the Year award at The Business Desk’s 2021 Business Masters Awards (Yorkshire)!

Anyone that knows Advanced Dynamics, knows we love a good ol’ knees up. Usually, we don’t need an excuse for a party or a get together down at one of the local Bradford boozers. However, that wasn’t the case on Thursday 14 October. In fact, we had a terrific reason as we won the Small Business of the Year award at The Business Desk’s 2021 Business Masters Awards (Yorkshire)!

To be recognised in such a way was a huge moment for us and is something the entire team is incredibly proud of. The last six years, while admittedly challenging, has also been a blast as we have gone on a journey together to completely change the face of the business.

Back in 2015, approximately 90% of our business was in the print industry. That had been the case for 12 years and we knew we needed to change. There was an enormous amount of work that needed to be undertaken to get Advanced Dynamics into the position it is in today – including a significant growth in staff during, what we call, Chapter One, which began with seven of us and ended with 25.

We’re not blowing our own trumpet – well, we are a little but please bear with us – but that business that operated solely in the print industry transformed itself over that time into one that delivered top of the range filling, capping, labelling, and ancilliary machinery across multiple industries, including pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, food and hospitality, manufacturing, and e-liquid.

We’re a transparent bunch here. We’ve seen significant growth during that time and have big aspirations for what we want to achieve during Chapter Two, which we revealed last year was to break £10 million turnover by 2025 – five times greater than what our little company was doing in 2010.

What do the next 12 months look like? As our MD, Tom Smith, said on stage after collecting this award: “alcohol and laughs, not taking ourselves too seriously, and selling some s**t. We’ll keep doing what we do.”

Speaking of Tom, this is what he had to say about winning this Small Business of the Year award after having a day or two to calm down: “I’m absolutely over the moon! We’ve worked incredibly hard over the past five years transforming the business from a labelling machine company to a filling machine company, and this award recognises and rewards the hard work put in by every single member of our fantastic team.

“The journey continues now, and with a team like ours and our strong culture at the heart of everything we do, we can achieve incredible things, so we’re all excited to see what the future holds”.

And last, but definitely not least, this is what the business’ founder, Malcolm Little, Executive Chairman, had to say: “When you’re busy with the journey and the growth of a business, it’s very easy to forget to lift your head and see how far we have come and just quite what we have achieved. To receive such a prestigious accolade gives you pause to reflect, and to appreciate not only our achievements but also the validation of our peers of a journey well travelled. Here’s to the next chapter!”


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