Hand Sanitiser Filling & Labelling Machines

Our machines can help meet the high demands for hand sanitisers and liquid soap.

Throughout the fight against COVID-19, one of the main pieces of advice we’ve received from health professionals is that washing our hands is the most effective way of killing and slowing the spread of the virus. This has resulted in extraordinarily high demands for hand sanitisers and liquid soap around the world. 

To meet this demand, you need the right machine for the job. We’re specialists in delivering high quality equipment that can be used to fill and label hand sanitiser products quickly and efficiently. 

What Do You Need From a Hand Sanitiser Filling Machine? 

While many hand sanitisers might look the same, they aren’t all created equal, so the type of machine you need totally depends on the product. 

The different chemicals that make up the sanitiser formulas have different requirements – for example, some sanitisers can be flammable, meaning the appropriate filling machine must come equipped with additional safety components. It’s best to have an understanding of the makeup of the product before choosing a hand sanitiser filling machine.

Aside from that, the more general features you’ll want to consider in a machine are:


  • Speed – Depending on how many bottles you want to fill per minute, you’ll likely need a machine capable of working at high speeds.


  • Volume – Both in terms of the volume of production and the size of the bottle or container, you’ll need a filling machine that can cope with the capacity. 




  • Viscosity – Hand sanitiser tends to be of a fairly low viscosity, but some can be slightly thicker, so you’ll need the right type of machine to handle the certain liquids. 

Our Hand Sanitiser Filling Machines


We manufacture a number of fully automated liquid filling machines that are suitable for hand sanitiser production at scale. Here are a few of our recommendations:

FL-101 AUTOMATIC FILLING MACHINE – This volumetric filling machine is perfect for low to medium viscosity liquids, and offers many controllable filling options.

FL-122 DUAL LANE FILLING MACHINE – Featuring a twin-lane infeed and 12 filling heads, this machine is ideal for demanding large batch production environments.

Our Hand Sanitiser Labelling Machines

Once your bottles are filled, the last step before they’re sent out into the world is to label them. Our range of labelling solutions are suitable for all kinds of hand sanitiser products, regardless of size or shape.

PRO-625 BOTTLE LABEL APPLICATOR – An automatic front-and-back labeller, this system is ideal for labelling one or two-sided bottles at high speed.

PRO-515 WRAP AROUND BOTTLE LABELLER – This accurate and high-speed labeller is ideal for round bottles and high-volume production environments.

We’re Here to Help

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect people around the world, we’ve seen an incredible rise in the amount of businesses looking for ways to do their part – including the production of hand sanitiser to help meet the demand from hospitals, care homes and those of us at home. 

We’re here to help support in any way we can, so whatever you need during this time, just give us a nudge. We’ll be happy to chat about how we can help you find an efficient and effective packaging solution that works for you – together. 

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