TOR Vacuum Packing Machines

TOR Vacuum Packing Machines

Perfect for the food industry, the TOR Vacuum Packing Machines are customised to the clients needs, with layouts designed with one or more vacuum chambers depending on the speed required.

Perfect for vacuum packing food stuffs

Particularly suitable for the food industry, the TOR Vacuum Packing Machines are perfect for vacuum packing food stuffs such as cheese, pizza, meat and fish, using barrier film that maintains the hermetic seal.

These vacuum packaging machines create the bag from the film reel based on the dimensions of the products, thereby eliminating the need to purchase expensive, pre-formed bags in various dimensions.

*All machine pictures are indicative. Machine structure might change depending on individual requirements.

High Quality Components, ISO Certificated

Particularly Suitable For the Food Sector

Different Sizes of Vacuum Chamber Available Depending On the Products Sizes

Different Configurations With 2/3/4 Chambers for Higher Speed

No Premade Bags, Machine Works in Line With Film Roll. High Versatility and Film Costs Saving.

Structure Allows Easy Accessibility to the Machine

Excellent Design for Maintenance and Cleaning

Available In Painted and Stainless Steel Versions

Create a Customised Machine via the List of Optional Features

Technical Specification

Sealing Dimensions
500mm - 600mm
Max Product Width
400mm - 500mm
Max Product Length
Max Product Height
Film Width
650mm - 750mm
Reel Diameter
Working Height
900+/- 50
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH)
2300x1300x1500 - 2900x2500x1550
Machine Weight

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