SL-77 Sleeve Applicator

SL-77 Sleeve Applicator

Our SL-77 sleeve applicator is designed for tamper evident, collar or full body sleeve labelling applications.

An Easy-to-Use Sleeving Machine

Our SL-77 shrink sleeve applicator provides flexible and economical sleeving at a low-to-moderate speed. The SL-77’s colour touch screen allows operators to access machine functions and store settings for container and sleeve material combinations, which can be easily retrieved for efficient changeover.

The sleeve application is pneumatically operated and maintains flexibility and consistency in sleeve length. The film roll inner core can be adjusted for a range of diameters from 125mm to 250mm, giving lots of options for a variety of different sleeving applications.

The machine body is made from durable stainless steel and anodised aluminium to ensure structural strength and performance. Its balanced and symmetrical design gives the SL-77 the ability to handle large production requirements and extended hours of operation.

Pneumatic operation

Stepper motor system for film drive

Adjustable main structure

400 mm reel diameter

125-250mm film roll inner core

Simple mandrel positioning for changeover

PLC touch screen for operation, monitoring and detecting functions

PLC control system

Pneumatic cut-off safety system

Stainless steel structure with anodised aluminium finish

Full spares and service support from our Bradford based team

Technical Specifications

SS#304, aluminum
Supply Voltage
240V, 50/60 Hz, 1-phase
Main power 1 kW max.
100 bottles/min (Based on 40mm film length)
Bottle Diameter
30–90 mm
Bottle Shape
Round, square, oval, curved, etc.
Bottle Material
Glass, metal, plastic
Film Material
Film Thickness
0.035–0.08 mm
Film Roll Inner Core
Film Length
22–180 mm
Bottle Height
35–180 mm
700 mm (W) x 1000 mm (D) x 2000 mm (H)
Net Weight
Approx. 150 kg

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