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Thursday, June 28th, 2018


Vape Jam Offered Capital Showcase for New Bottle Fillers

Specialist packaging supplier Advanced Dynamics Ltd took Vape Jam by storm at the ExCel arena in London, where it showcased the latest in automated filling solutions for e-liquids to an audience of the world’s key industry players.

Advanced Dynamics lifted the lid on the production advantages for vape manufacturers of the affordable and compact Pack Leader FL-11 Semi-Automatic Filling System and the FL-12 Fully Automatic Filling machine for e-liquids.

Designed especially for short-fill bottles of 10ml-150ml, the FL-11 is a high-quality, space-saving, precision filling machine with an output of up to 1,500 bottles an hour and offers complete flexibility for change-overs between container sizes.

To help make vaping production leaner and sleeker, the Fully Automatic FL-12, like its Pack Leader compatriot the FL-11, is a doddle to operate. It has a fill range of 10ml-1000ml bottles and belies its compact size by incorporating a treasure trove of technology to ensure a smooth operation.

An Integrated infeed and outfeed conveyor, a product gapping system and bottle stabilising clamps to ensure consistent results are all part and parcel of the FL-12 equipment, which has output speeds of up to 2,400 bottles an hour (subject to filling capacity).

As well as precise filling equipment, labels and caps also need to be applied efficiently, quickly and accurately every time. To help eliminate the slog and cost involved in hand labelling, Advanced Dynamics also supplies fully automatic Wrap Around Labelling equipment and tactile label applicators that can label thousands of bottles an hour.

Fully automatic filling, labelling and capping systems are cost-effective, space friendly and can fill bottles faster than you can puff an e-cigarette. Once set up, the system can do its thing with minimum human intervention. Investing in a fully automatic solution means reaction times to customer demands can be almost immediate, saving on labour costs and boosting profits.

Leading the way in packaging innovation for the vaping industry, Advanced Dynamics’ automated solutions will pay dividends in efficiency savings and have a huge impact on the bottom line, which in turn creates security in the industry leading to further innovation and even greater choice for vapers.

Tom Smith, sales manager of Advanced Dynamics, said: “Our new bottle fillers from Pack Leader stole the show at Vape Jam. Many in the vaping industry have already been quick to cotton on that they can maximise productivity and boost competitiveness with our automated systems. Our new equipment reflects our mission to continually push the boundaries.”

In addition to the vaping industry, Advanced Dynamics is a leading supplier of high quality filling and labelling systems in a variety of sectors including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toiletries, homewares and food and drink.

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