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Tuesday, November 7th, 2017


Advanced Dynamics Bigger And Better At Vaper Expo – The Return

As the vaping sector continues to grow, so does specialist packaging supplier Advanced Dynamics Ltd. Having wowed visitors to this year’s first vaping show, the company also brought its 21st Century automated solutions for filling and labelling to Vaper Expo The Return in late October, once again showcasing a full bottle filling and labelling line.

Advanced Dynamics, a leading supplier of specialist filling and labelling equipment, believes that demonstrating on one stand everything an e-liquid supplier needs to boost production is a unique proposition for prospective customers.

Everyone knows now that the key is to produce juice quickly, making the difference between successfully selling it or having the best kept secret. Vastly increased demand and volumes require quicker turnaround times – manually mixing and handling e-liquid solutions doesn’t hit the spot anymore.

Impressed vape manufacturers at the show were given a demonstration of the appropriately named Pack Leader FL-800D Fully Automatic Filling and Capping System for e-liquids which can fill up to a mind-boggling 3,000 bottles an hour. Suitable for separate nib and nib-in-cap, the FL-800D can also be customised to suit all requirements.

To meet high expectations and increased volumes, labels need to be applied efficiently, quickly and accurately every time. To help eliminate the slog and cost involved in hand labelling just a couple of thousand bottles, Advanced Dynamics showed off the fully automatic PL-501 Wrap Around Labelling equipment and the ELF-11 tactile label applicator – an integrated system that can label thousands of bottles an hour.

Fully automatic filling, labelling and capping systems are cost-effective, space friendly and can fill bottles faster than you can puff an e-cigarette. Once set up, the system can do its thing with minimum human intervention. Investing in a fully automatic solution means reaction times to customer demands can be almost immediate, saving on labour costs and boosting profits.

Leading the way in packaging innovation for the vaping industry, Advanced Dynamics’ automated solutions will pay dividends in efficiency savings and have a huge impact on the bottom line, which in turn creates security in the industry leading to further innovation and even greater choice for vapers.

Malcolm Little, managing director of Advanced Dynamics, said: “The interest from the vaping industry in our filling and labelling solutions has been overwhelming. By tapping into the latest packaging technology vaping suppliers can maximise productivity and boost competitiveness in an increasingly vaped world, and our equipment is continually pushing the boundaries and providing winning solutions for this industry.”

In addition to the vaping industry, Advanced Dynamics is a leading supplier of high quality filling and labelling systems in a variety of sectors including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toiletries, homewares and food and drink.

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