CP-20 Fully Automatic Capping Machine

CP-20 Fully Automatic Capping Machine

The fully-automatic CP-20 capping machine is suitable for a wide range of cap types and diameters.

The Fully-Automatic Capping Machine

Our CP-20 fully automatic capping machine system uses a vibration bowl to correctly orientate caps and feeds them to an intermittent style, pick and place system.

Once the caps are placed on the bottle, they are tightened by a single spindle rotary capping head.

The CP-20 Capping Machine is suitable for standard screw caps, as well as ROPP caps.

Intermittent Pick and Place System

Full Digital Touchscreen Controls

Memory Slots for up to 30 Pre-Set Parameters

Monitoring Mode to Automatically Log Operational Faults

Motor Overload Protection

Stainless Steel and Anodised Aluminium Construction

Full Spares and Service Support From Our Bradford Based Team

Technical Specifications

Capping Heads
Supply Voltage
1-phase, 240V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
1 kW
Air Pressure
6 bar
2000 mm (L) x 950 mm (W) x 1790 mm (H)
Net Weight
150 kg

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