Advanced Dynamics supplies a selection of paper feeding equipment suitable for a range of flat, embossed and delicate products including booklets and leaflets.

friction feeder

Kora Packmat EasyFeeder Friction Feeder

Köra-Packmat is a specialist in feeding and handling systems. Its innovative equipment available from Advanced Dynamics, like the EasyFeeder, is renowned for outstanding performance, fast changeover times for different products and quality at an affordable price.

BF2-300 basic feeder

Köra Packmat BF2-300 Basic Feeder

Advanced Dynamics’ BF2-300 Basic Feeder is setting a new benchmark for mid-performance range feeders. Like all Köra-Packmat’s equipment, it is very versatile and can handle a wide variety of products. Its compact build provides space-saving qualities, which proves especially useful for small production areas.

AF-300 advanced feeder

Köra Packmat AF-300 Advanced Feeder Friction Feeder

dvanced Dynamics is on a mission to provide customers with invaluable automatic solutions to improve their production efficiency, quality and costs - the AF-300 Advanced Feeder from Köra-Packmat ticks all the boxes.

AFS-300 advanced feeder servo

Köra Packmat AFS-300 Advanced Feeder Servo

The AFS-300 Advanced Feeder Servo from Advanced Dynamics is the successor to the LHP Servo Feeder used for accurately feeding out cards, leaflets, CDs etc. onto moving webs, carton blanks or other products.

pick and place feeder

Köra Packmat PPWA Warehouse Pick and Place Feeder

Köra-Packmat’s PPWA Warehouse Pick and Place Feeder is specialist feeding machinery for the damage-free feeding and positioning of CDs and CD cards.

gripper suction feeder

Köra Packmat Gripper Suction Feeder TSA

The Kora-Packmat drum gripper suction feeder guarantees safe separation of difficult flat products such as stapled brochures or magazines, especially when the cover page is relatively thin and heavily embossed or flittered greeting cards. The products are separated by a pair of vacuum cups that pull the product down so that a cam operated pair of rotating grippers pull the product out of the bottom of the stack, clamp it between flat belts and then eject it from the feeder.

rotary pick and place feeder

PPR Rotary Pick and Place Feeder

The Kora-Packmat PPR Rotary Pick and Place feeder complete with servo drive and 2 metre autoloader has been specially designed for the accurate picking and placing of flat, blister or sachet style products into packing machines or onto transport systems. Products are pulled from a stack on the autoloader where they stand on edge by means of a four armed vacuum head that has an integral reciprocating movement.



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