Large Capacity Liquid Filling Machines

Our large capacity vacuum filling systems are designed to quickly, accurately and safely fill containers with low to medium viscosity liquids at a range of up to 5000ml.

Large Capacity Vacuum Filling Machines

Our innovative large capacity liquid filling machines are used across many industries, and are suitable for filling containers such as plastic bottles, tubs, jars and jerry cans up to 5000ml.

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    Benefits of our large capacity liquid filling machines

    Our volumetric liquid filling machines have many features designed to save time, such as being able to quickly and easily change filling and timing parameters, bottle size and product type. Our high speed machines have features like twin head capping and dual-lane filling, so there’s no bottle transfer time. Our faster machines can fill up to 200 bottles per minute.

    We ensure accuracy with features such as intelligent bottle detection systems and bottle-holding mechanisms.

    Further benefits of our large capacity liquid filling machines include

    • Smooth and consistent results ensured by product gating systems and bottle stabilising clamps
    • Automation of repetitive tasks such as height adjustment on filling nozzles 
    • Multiple settings on filling nozzles to eliminate bubbling of foamy liquids
    • Easy to operate control panels with touchscreen operation
    • Memory slots to store filling parameters easily
    • Infinitely controllable filling options 
    • Adjustable height on filling nozzles

    Whether you are looking for a cost-effective, compact or durable machine we can help.

    We offer full spares and service support too.


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