National Apprentice Week: A chat with Adam Barrett

Since we took on our first three apprentices, they have become a core part of our team and business. In this latest blog, we turn our focus to Adam Barrett!

Throughout this week, Advanced Dynamics has been celebrating the 15th instalment of National Apprenticeship Week.

Since we took on our first three apprentices, they have become a core part of our team and business. They’re learning all the time, bringing their own ideas to the table, and are just overall top chaps!

Earlier this week, we heard from Conor Linegar and Jedd Kedzierski about their experiences as apprentices within Advanced Dynamics. In this latest blog, we turn our focus to Adam Barrett!

Q: First things first, when did your apprenticeship start?

A: I joined 24 August 2020, straight from school.

Q: So did you always have ambitions to get into a hands-on role before your apprenticeship?

A: Yes, to be honest. I really enjoyed Design & Technology at GCSE, and I’ve always enjoyed working on engineering tasks at home in my free time with my dad.

Q: Why did you choose an apprenticeship over further education?

A: I always knew I wanted a hands-on role, ideally a balance of computer and technical work with elements of customer support.

Q: Why did an apprenticeship at Advanced Dynamics appeal to you? How did you find out about it?

A: I found out about the Advanced Dynamics apprenticeship through Appris Engineering College. After looking at the company website, the small size of the team appealed to me as I knew they would be a close-knit group and I would be able to get more involved and learn much more than I would do perhaps in a larger business.

Q: What part of your apprenticeship have you enjoyed the most?

A: I really enjoy the on-site installation and services I go to with the engineers. Those visits teach me how to work to deadlines and deal with technical problems and customer support issues under pressure. 

Q: Ok, so what has been the biggest learning experience from your time as an apprentice at Advanced Dynamics so far?

A: How to deal with customers and colleagues effectively and professionally. I’m lucky enough to be working with some fantastic people who have taught me many technical, social, and life skills that have already impacted my working style and that I will carry with me throughout my career.

Q: In your opinion, what are the biggest benefits of choosing an apprenticeship?

A: Easy…

  • The ability to learn from senior engineers and managers
  • Earn whilst you learn / paid on the job
  • Hands-on learning (not classroom-based)
  • Development of social skills in a professional environment (customer care etc.)

Q: Have you got any thoughts on what you want to achieve in the future?

A: There are a few things…

  • Steadily progress through the apprenticeship, learning as much as possible.
  • Look deeper into areas of design, management, and customer care.
  • Continue learning and development after the apprenticeship ends.

Q: We’re celebrating National Apprentice Week. So, what would your advice be to anyone thinking about an apprenticeship?

A: I would highly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone due to the learning and earning possibilities, and opportunities to meet new people and carve out a career.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add regarding your experience of apprenticeships?

A: Don’t go out on a Sunday or in the week, it’s just not worth it on a work night!


And that’s that… that’s end of our National Apprenticeship Week mini-series.

It’s been fun, even a little emotional!

Over and out!


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