National Apprenticeship Week: A chat with Jedd Kedzierski

For national apprenticeship week 22, we are running a three-part blog series speaking with each of our apprentices to find out about their experiences so far with Advanced Dynamics and what the biggest benefits of apprenticeships are. This time, the focus in this mini-series turns to Jedd Kedzierski.

National Apprenticeship Week: A chat with Jedd Kedzierski

This week, Advanced Dynamics has been celebrating National Apprenticeship Week.

2022 represents the 15th instalment of the national celebration of apprenticeships, designed to highlight the positive impact they bring to businesses like ours as well as the UK economy.

A couple of years back, we took on our first three apprentices. Fast forward to today and we couldn’t be prouder of what they have achieved. 

And so, this week, we are running a three-part blog series and speaking with each of our apprentices to find out about their experiences so far with Advanced Dynamics and what the biggest benefits of apprenticeships are. 

First up was Conor Linegar. This time, the focus in this mini-series turns to Jedd Kedzierski.

Q: First off, Jedd, when did your apprenticeship start?

A: 24 August 2020.

Q: Did you always have ambitions to get into a hands-on role before your apprenticeship?

A: I left school and originally looked at going into accounting, but to do that I needed to find an apprenticeship in accountancy, and I couldn’t find one. 

Instead, I went onto an electrical installation course for a year, it was meant to be two years, but I left that course to start the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Apprenticeship at Advanced Dynamics, which is the best thing I’ve ever done.

Q: So, why did you choose an apprenticeship over further education?

A: After doing a year on the electrical installation course, I knew I didn’t want to be in a classroom five days a week. Being in this type of education suits my personality and learning style better.  Here, I learn on the job and only have to be in the classroom for one day a week… and I’m being paid to learn!

Q: How did you find out about the apprenticeship at Advanced Dynamics?

A: I found out about this apprenticeship through Appris Engineering College in Bradford. 

I had done tests when I signed up with the college and told them what I wanted from my career. Appris got in contact with me and let me know about this apprenticeship and once they knew I was interested they set up the interview with the MD, Engineering Manager and Production Manager. 

I got called back for a second interview and then I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the apprentices.

Q: What part of your apprenticeship have you enjoyed the most?

A: Travelling to sites and completing work on behalf of the company in different locations around the country.

Q: What has been the biggest learning experience from your time as an apprentice at Advanced Dynamics?

A: I’m not entirely sure! In the first few weeks I learnt so much in such a short period of time. It was crazy, but I think I would have to say overall the biggest learning experience has been going out on-site, meeting customers, and dealing with different installs, repairs and maintenance hands-on alongside experienced engineers

From site visits, I’ve also come across a tonne of different people with different attitudes and ways of dealing with us as a supplier and learned how to deal with most situations that arise in a professional manner. I’ve developed as an engineer in many ways from being out on site.

With this apprenticeship, as it’s a small team I have been encouraged to watch and be involved in projects from start to finish, opposed to being a cog in a bigger picture and only seeing or experiencing one small part of a process. The ability to watch, understand and repeat the process with skilled engineers has made me learn a lot faster.

Q: Sounds like you’re loving it! Ok, so what are the biggest benefits of choosing an apprenticeship, in your opinion?

A: My top three are…

  • Earning whilst you learn is a big bonus. It makes life easier.
  • Meeting people in a business from various departments, and (with this apprenticeship) learning how to deal with all types of customers and adapting to situations that you’ve never been in before helps you grow skill sets other than practical engineering.
  • Strengthens your mindset. You come across tasks you wouldn’t come across in day-to-day education and have to find a way to deal with or solve a problem in an acceptable and professional way.

Q: Do you have an idea of what you want to achieve in the future?

A: I want to become a fully qualified engineer and go on to gain higher qualifications which will hopefully lead to promotions and new experiences such as installs in Europe.

I want to stay here and hope to be employed full time when my apprenticeship ends. The team here is so good and easy to get on with and I like their teaching methods and styles.

I’m happy to come to work in the morning and I think that’s really important.

Q: That’s awesome! What would your advice be to anyone thinking about an apprenticeship?

A: Do as well as you can on your GCSEs, doing so gives you a better chance of being offered great opportunities. So work as hard as you can! 

If you come out of school and get brilliant grades, don’t grab the first apprenticeship you’re offered as if you go through agencies like Appris you’ll likely be offered a couple to choose from. That way, you can weigh your options and decide what appeals to you the most.

Overall, go for it! It’s always going to be beneficial and rewarding… you’ll make friends, have fun, and even if you decide you don’t like it then you will have the skills and tools to keep you going until you find something else you want to do.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add regarding your experience of apprenticeships?

A: Don’t shy away from taking an apprenticeship because of the wages. 

The salary might be lower than other full-time jobs would pay you today, but after a couple of years you will earn really good money.

Have fun and make friends while you learn, the other apprentices and people you work with throughout your apprenticeship may well become friends for life.

Next up in our apprenticeship blog series is Adam Barrett!


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