We’ve Got Some Big News!

We’re delighted to announce that Tom Smith has been promoted from his role as sales director and will be taking over the day-to-day management of the business.

It’s time to make it official… we’ve got a new Managing Director!

A move that has been in the pipeline for months, we’re delighted to announce that Tom Smith has been promoted from his role as sales director and will be taking over the day-to-day management of the business. Tom joined the business back in 2015, originally as a sales manager, and he has gone on to become an instrumental member of the team and a driving force in our mission to become established as one of the UK’s leading packaging and labelling equipment suppliers.

Did we mention that he’s only just turned 31! Congratulations, Tom!

Tom Smith MD

(Above: Tom Smith, Managing Director)

As part of this change, it will see Advanced Dynamics’ founder, Malcolm Little, take up a new role as executive chairman. Malcolm founded this business 23 years ago and taken it from strength to strength in that time to establish us where we are today.

While he will be stepping away from the day-to-day management, Malcolm is going to continue to be a key figure within the business moving forward and will undoubtedly continue to own the suit stakes in the office!

Malcolm Little, Executive Chairman

(Above: Malcolm Little, Founder and Executive Chairman)

Finally, but definitely not least, Trigger, aka Matt Green, has also been promoted to head up our sales division – as sales manager! He hasn’t done bad over the past four years since switching career paths, leaving behind his days as an engineer to follow his passion for sales.

Life update: Away from the Advanced Dynamics office, Trigger is still on a quest to establish himself as the finest looking ginger in the world! We’re all behind you, Matt!

Matt Green Sales Manager

(Above: Matthew Green, Sales Manager)

Anyway, time for a few speeches!

Tom said: “I’m proud, grateful, and excited by the prospect of leading Advanced Dynamics into the future. As a business, we have enjoyed a sustained period of growth and have got even bigger plans for the future. We’re blessed with an awesome team of experts that are all passionate about our vision.

“I’m also thankful for Malcolm and the guidance he has offered me since I stepped through the door at Advanced Dynamics. He’s an exceptional leader and has done an incredible job in growing the business over the years. That knowledge and experience is going to be invaluable to me and the team in our goal to push the company forward in the years to come.”

Malcolm said: “Since founding the business 23 years ago, the business has changed a great deal and I look back with pride at the journey we have been on to get to this point.

“Tom stepping into the managing director role has been in the pipeline since the back end of 2020. He’s been integral to the business since he joined our sales team in 2015. Matt joined our team a year later and together, they’ve played a significant role in re-imagining the business and steering it into the position it is today. I’m excited to see how it progresses in the years to come.

Matt said: “A lot has been achieved over the last five years in order to establish Advanced Dynamics in the position that it is in today.

“We’ve made big strides in the way we work with businesses across multiple industries and I’m excited for the opportunity to lead and work with our sales team moving forward.”

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