FL-12 Compact Automatic Filling Machine


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The FL-12 Compact automatic filling machine, our most affordable fully automated filling system.


Advanced Dynamics’ FL-12 Compact automatic filling machine utilises our servo driven volumetric system in single, twin or quad pump variants. With integrated infeed and outfeed conveyor, product gapping system and bottle stabilising clamps to ensure smooth and consistent results. Ideal for use where space is at a premium.


  • Construction of stainless steel and 304 anodized aluminium ensures durability
  • 5m long x 100mm slat band conveyor
  • Stainless steel/brushed aluminium side frames.
  • Delryn slat.
  • AC brushless drive-motor with system linked variable speed control.
  • Controls and operator interface will be mounted within the system panel.
  • Full-length product guide-rails.
  • Variable speed gapping wheel to allow choke feed of product.
  • Bottle gating system to accurately locate bottles under each filling station.
  • Simple to operate and control using a touch panel interface
  • 1000ml max dosage per filling cycle **subject to cylinder capacity**.
  • Dimensions 1500 mm(L) x 650 mm(W) x 1215 mm(H)
  • System can draw liquid from any external source **subject to pipe length**.
  • CE certified and badged
  • Flexible enough to handle production schedule and product changes quickly and simply
  • Filling accuracy +/- 0.5%
  • Output speed capabilities: 15 – 30 bottles per minute (subject to filling capacity)
  • Emergency stop function.
  • Servo drive motors for total control and accuracy during the filling cycle.
  • Fill range: 30ml – 1000ml




FL12 Compact Automatic Filling Machine

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