Top Five Benefits of Owning a Shrink-Wrapping Machine

Advanced Dynamics supply a whole range of transit and display shrink-wrapping machines, built to be suitable for whatever a business requires.

Written by Tom Smith, Managing Director at Advanced Dynamics 

When it comes to packaging products, businesses are not short of material options at their fingertips.

Alongside paper and cardboard, shrink-wrapping is considered one of the most popular. And for good reason, too. 

Firstly, for anyone new to the world of shrink-wrapped packaging, let’s answer the first important question: what is shrink-wrapping?

Simply put, shrink wrapping is the process of applying a high clarity protective, yet lightweight and environmentally-friendly, outer film over products of all shapes and sizes. Its popularity has grown over time due to it being a very affordable option for companies, as well as for its ability to minimise space and keep items bundled together without the need for other materials.

There are two primary types of shrink-wrapping that you also should be aware of: 

  1. For bundle/transit – used when the purpose is to get a product from point A to point B. For example, when shifting drinks from supplier to distributor – think of a six-pack of cans.
  2. Display – used when you’re wanting a product to stand out, but also be protected at the same time. A typical example would be how Apple tightly shrink wraps their iPhone products.

Here, at Advanced Dynamics, we can supply a whole range of shrink-wrapping machines, built to be suitable for whatever a business requires. 

The STAR EVO and FLO L-Sealer are perfect for display packaging, whereas the STAR EVO SS, ARES Sleeve Wrapper and Argon Bundler Machine are suited to transit packaging requirements. All machines are capable of working with different types of plastic film wrap (PE – polyethylene/PP – polypropylene/ POF – polyolefin).


Still with us? Fantastic! You’re clearly interested in knowing a little bit more. Maybe even what the top benefits are of owning one of these machines?

Having worked with a wide range of shrink wrapping systems for a number of years, we like to think we know a thing or two about them! Below, we go through what we believe are the top five benefits of shrink-wrapping your products!

1. Tamper-Evident Protection

This is simply the process of being able to easily show whether an object has been tampered with. 

With shrink-wrapping, it’s clear as day to see whether the outer packaging of a product has been compromised, with broken seals and markings being the clearest indicator.

I mean, let’s face it. You would 100% notice if you picked up a new iPhone and the shrink wrap film was damaged or not present.

2. Increased Desirability

We don’t know what it is, but we, as consumers, just have a thing with shrink-wrapped products. 

Done well, products that are shrink-wrapped to a high-quality standard are presented in their best light are made more appealing as a result, certainly compared to a similar product that is hidden behind a cheaper material or cardboard.

They almost add a gloss effect. The final finishing touch. 

3. Weatherproofing

Air might be able to get through shrink-wrapping, but water can’t (well, it can, but it would take a long, long, time). 

How many times have you placed an order for delivery and the product is just a little too big for the post box? Or you’re out? The product is left outside and, as can happen with the British weather, it begins to rain which could damage the product.

No one likes soggy goods. With shrink-wrapping, this is not a problem.

4. Cost-Effective

We mentioned this in passing earlier in the blog, but it is a point that we want to elaborate on.

When it comes to packaging up multi-pack products, shrink-wrapping is the single most cost-effective way of doing so, all while increasing consumer confidence. 

Also, with how this technology has evolved, businesses that shrink-wrap their products are only using as much wrapping as is required, ensuring there is no packaging waste. 

5. Sustainability

Our last point is that our automatic shrink wrapping machines are capable of working with 100% recyclable film (polythene).

This is important to us as the packaging industry continues to make moves to be more sustainable in its approach. If you are interested and have time for a bit of additional reading, this is an area we wrote extensively about last year. 

Check them out below:

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This is an area we expect will continue to develop over the coming months and years as more and more businesses begin to consider ways they can adopt a greener footprint.

What we can tell you is that our shrink-wrapping machines will go a long way to helping any company that is considering shrink-wrapping machinery as a greener option.

Find out more about our DM Pack Range here.

Alternatively, we’re a nice bunch here at Advanced Dynamics and are always up for a chat to find out how our lines can solve a business’ problems and bottlenecks. If you think we can help, do get in touch.


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